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Fitbots is all OKRs.

We drive Business results through OKR Coaching & Software.

Only Company in APAC Region to provide full-stack services in partnership with “The OKR Gurus” Paul Niven, Kevin Baum & Zack Ross. Our coaches are strategy execution specialists with deep expertise across domains.

Importantly our mission is to make your organizational teams successful.


Q How does OKR Coaching help us?

Once you choose a coaching plan from our menu of options, an OKR Coach would get assigned to you to work with your leadership and pilot teams to ensure maximum adoption and maximize the value of this framework.

Q Is it necessary for me to choose an OKR Coach? Can I use only the platform?

Yes, if you are already good with OKRs, you can subscribe to the Fitbots OKR platform directly and start using it for your company.

Q Will the OKR coach also evaluate my Teams’ KRs?

You could choose our coaching plan Option 2 for ‘Learn and Write’ coaching for your teams.

Q What is the timeline for full OKR implementation with Fitbots?

Depends on the size of organization and the scope of your OKR implementation. We usually see teams up and ready within 7-10 days.

Q What kind of billing options do I have?

You can ask your Customer Success associate for a Quarterly or Annual subscription.

Q Which coaching plan is best suited to help my organization do a full OKR implementation?

For getting your OKR Implementation right, the Coaching plan we would recommend is Option 3. A dedicated OKR Coach would work with your leadership and next level teams to enable learning and writing effective OKRs, coach teams during weekly meetings and set the right governance.

Q How do I know my team has set the right KRs?

Writing OKRs is a very important step in OKR implementation. You could refer to our guide on OKR templates or choose coaching plan option 2 to Learn and Write OKRs.‍

Q How often do we set up Check-In Meetings?

OKR check-in meetings are very essential to adopt OKRs as a culture. Check- In meetings should ideally be weekly. Each team may have a rhythm around Check-in meetings.

Q What kind of coaching would help adopt OKRs further?

We recommend the OKR Champions training and training your Remote Managers with coaching as a skill.



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