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AdBlockers adoption is on the rise. People are turning blind to display advertising. What time means is that new customer acquisition is becoming increasingly difficult. And then there is cart abandonment, lead drop off.

iZooto have helped 500+ marketing teams generate 20Mn repeat visitors and 200K+ Sales, using web push notifications. India’s largest retailers use iZooto and web push notification as a channel to generate up to 3% of their revenue.

iZooto is designed to help you own, engage, and retain your audience. We understand your marketing needs and ensure that you can personalize and automate your engagement. Reach out to your audience directly, drive traffic to your website, and boost your revenue.

iZooto enables notifications to appear in small pop-up windows, empowers brand marketers to use personalized follow-ups, and choose the best time to re-engage and bring customers back to their website. It allows consumers to opt for notifications from their preferred websites rather than downloading mobile apps. Once approved, they receive personalized notifications and alerts that are relevant to their interests without logging on to the concerned website and are able to view breaking news, stock updates, sports scores, and other real-time updates. The startup claims that its one-click solution allows websites to convert up to 15 percent of their web traffic into subscribers and drive 20 percent click-through rates on web push notifications.


Q What is iZooto used for?

iZooto is Push Notification Software. Izooto offers the following functionalities:

A/B Testing
Analytics (Social Media)
Push Automation
Mobile Notification
Web Notification
Visual Notification
Notification Scheduling
Targeted Notification

Q Does iZooto offer a free plan?

Yes, IZooto offers a free plan.

Q Does IZooto provide API?

Yes, iZooto provides API.

Q How does iZooto brings the power of marketing automation to push notifications?

iZooto helps retarget visitors off-site via browser push notifications without getting their email address. We use it for our eCommerce efforts. It's excellent and has some nifty integrations with WooCommerce (and Shopify too, but we don't use Shopify) to do things like abandoned cart recovery.

It gets way more options than emails because it's a low-level commitment (push notification subscriptions) and helps recover revenue down the road.

Q What are the additional iZooto Features?

Pre-scheduling notification based on time zones
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Custom audience segmentation based on Location, Device type and more
Has feature
Capture user data - APIs used to capture subscriber information. You may pass details such as subscriber ID to uniquely identify the subscriber, a tag to identify a group of subscribers.
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Push notifications - APIs used to push notifications to subscribers. You may choose to send notification to an individual subscriber, against a tag, or to all the subscribers of your website.
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Audience Builder - Enables customers to segment their subscribers and create as many custom audiences as needed.
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Detailed dashboard and Reporting
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Schedule - Schedule a notification to send at a later time according to your subscriber's time-zone.



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