Vaultedge Mortgage Automation software automates the splitting

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Vaultedge Mortgage Automation software automates the splitting, indexing, data extraction and data validation for mortgage packages saving up to 80% of manual time in Loan Processing / Setup, Post Close Audits and Due Diligence’s for Loan Trading. So how does it work?

We help mortgage lenders, servicers & investors reduce loan production, loan boarding & due diligence costs while improving borrower experience.

We believe life is too precious to be spent poring over forms and documents. We built Vaultedge AI platform to convert documents into data and insights. Then we layered it with industry specific processes and workflows to create a product that helps people to leave behind painful document and data management activities and focus on providing a better experience to their end customers.

Vaultedge automatically splits a loan package into individual documents and indexes the documents by type: 1003, Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure, Deed of Trust, Pay stub, W-2 etc. These are checked against a dynamic check-list to identify missing documents. Check-lists can be configured based on loan type as well as several other criteria.

Vaultedge Contract Analysis software helps us automate Lease abstraction. The software is fast, accurate and saves us 70% time”.

We help mortgage lenders & investors reduce loan production & due diligence costs and improve borrower experience.

At Vaultedge, we work with leading mortgage lenders and investors to reduce loan production & due diligence costs and at the same time improve the experience for their borrowers. Our software helps them automate the very manual, time-consuming and error-prone activities in Loan Processing/Setup, Post-Close Audit and Due Diligence thereby saving 50% to 80% of costs. The software works in conjunction with humans to automate the tasks where possible and to make them easy where it is not.

Vaultedge is a winner of several awards like Nasscom BPM Customer Excellence Award, Nasscom Emerge 50 Award etc.

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Q What does Vaultedge do?

Vaultedge is like Google for your personal data. Vaultedge lets you search for your documents using name, content or in some cases with just the context. Vaultedge can also tag your documents so that you can find all related documents together.



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